Why Excess Insulin is Dangerous

Why Excess Insulin is DangerousInsulin is not only important for storing fat, but also for regulating blood pressure and producing cholesterol.

Yes, your body actually produces its own cholesterol, a necessary component of your cell structure.

For instance, cholesterol is used for building muscle cells. Insulin activates the enzyme that causes our bodies to make cholesterol; therefore, high insulin results in overproduction of cholesterol, which can only be reduced by glucagon.

Glucagon stops production of cholesterol and helps rid the circulatory system of it.

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Kicking Carb Cravings

Statistics show that only 5% of dieters are successful at keeping the weight off after a two-year period.

Everyone wants to look, feel and perform their best! Anyone who says otherwise is to say the least, “in a bit of a quandary.” But there is more to looking, feeling and performing your best than meets the eye. Many of us will do almost anything to reach our physical ideal.

With almost one-third of women and one-quarter of men either starting or finishing a diet at any one given time, one can quickly appreciate the shear magnitude of the situation. But this is a situation filled with confusion and deception. Confusion due to the fact that there are new diets popping up almost every other month. But how could all these diets work when they all resort to different means? The deception comes in the fact that 99% of these diets are set up for failure!

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