Migraines – How Food Helps

Migraines – How Food Helps

Though the exact cause of migraines is currently unknown, there are certain factors that are associated with this type of headache. During a migraine attack, blood vessels in the brain undergo spasms, which cause constriction and then rapid dilation. This triggers the release of brain chemicals that cause inflammation and throbbing pain. A strong hereditary factor is also a component of this affliction, which occurs more in women than in men.

Caffeine withdrawal, exposure to bright flashing lights, oral contraceptives, vasodilating medication, dehydration, changes in sleep patterns, stress, hormonal changes, and consumption of foods that contain certain chemicals can trigger migraines.

Your Migraine Food Arsenal

For Magnesium

– Amaranth grain
– Avocados
– Rice
– Winter squash

For Riboflavin

– Mushrooms
– Poultry
– Quinoa

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