Fat Burning Made Easy

In our daily lives, we are inundated with media ads, television and radio commercials in by which companies use to sell exercise equipment, fat burner supplements, and lose weight fast diets, to name a few. For those of us who have spent our hard earned money on these products, we know that most of them do not work.

Corporate America wants us to believe that being overweight is due to fat and that we need to get rid of it. The myth is that fat and carbohydrates are the enemies. The truth of the matter is that we need our body fat, as well as carbohydrates for energy, used during body metabolism in order to burn up the extra calories.

Fat Burning Made EasyAlthough we do need to burn fat as well as calories, most people will not lose weight without burning calories. Not having enough body fat, is as detrimental to our heath when we have too much fat. You can find ways to evaluate your body fat percentage, BMI, online. The recommendations for men is to be at 15-20% fat, while women should be around 19-25%. Technically, body fat is a fuel. The burning of calories is the only way to use up the excess fuel.

One of the most important fat burners is cost free. All you need to do is to begin a healthy diet with added fruits and vegetables. Contrary to belief, potatoes are a great source for Vitamin C. The potato does not create fat, it is the butter, cream cheese, or sour cream that is added which adds the fat and extra calories.

Changing from white bread, rice, noodles to whole grains are going to provide you with the fiber that is needed as well. Drinking low fat milk, as well as eating yogurt, also are great changes to make diet changes.

Another great fat burning method is to exercise daily, for at least 20-30 minutes. Taking a brisk walk, going for a bicycle ride, even swimming helps with burning the excess calories leading to fat loss as well. Pilates are great exercises for fat burning, the burning of excess calories, as well as for body toning, especially around the abdominal area, without stress on the body.

Use Growth Hormones To Lose Fat

HGH human growth hormone is a powerful fat loss strategy. If you are wise you can use HGH supplements to naturally raise HGH levels, instead of expensive and dangerous injected growth hormones.

In order to begin a healthy diet, you can talk to a nutritionist, follow the diabetic diet or weight watchers diet which are great for even the expectant mom in order to begin eating healthy. Unless you change your lifestyle and dietary habits, there is not any magic pill to get rid of excess fat and weight, let alone keep it off.

Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning Foods
Fat Burning Foods
Fat burning foods increase metabolic activity (thermogenesis) which increases the rate the body burns stored fat to release energy. This takes place either through direct metabolic stimulation or in many cases the food requires more energy to digest than the number of actual calories in the food. These types of foods are commonly referred to as “negative calorie foods.”

A good deal of skepticism is in order when reading the information available on the net. Yes, foods can raise your metabolic rate, research has clearly shown this. However, in most cases the amount of increase is very small yet many health websites make it appear as though the amount is significant. The problem with this misinformation is that people desperate to lose weight see a list of foods shown to raise metabolism and then binge on those foods. Doing this has the potential of severely compromising their overall nutrition profile.

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Miracle Foods for Fat Loss

Fruits and vegetables exert a substantial thermogenic effect because carbohydrate in general is moderately thermogenic, and fiber is highly thermogenic.

Thermogenic ( To produce heat in the fat burning process.)

However, some fruits and vegetables are more carbohydrate-dense than others. For example, potatoes are thermogenic and so are bananas, but they also contain more active carbohydrate than do apples or strawberries.

Stated differently, apples and strawberries are more thermogenic per unit of carbohydrate. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are so thermogenic per unit of carbohydrate that they do not count toward your daily carbohydrate limit.

– Everyone knows that broccoli has relatively few total calories, but, in view of its strong thermogenic effect, broccoli has even fewer actual calories.

You will want to eat carbohydrate foods that have high thermogenic per unit of carbohydrate. This will allow you to consume a greater volume of food than if you were eating foods of a higher carbohydrate density. A greater volume of food is positively correlated not only with metabolic rate but also with satiety. Food volume is important in appetite regulation, because gastric distention and intestinal stimulation send “I’m full” signal to your brain.

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