Carbs Burn Fat

Carbs Burn FatCarbs burn fat – Carbohydrates, foods that contain simple sugars (short chains of sugar molecules) or starches (long chains of sugar molecules), have been blamed for our epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

This is only partially true, because there are both good and bad carbohydrates.

– The good carbs contain the important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential to our health and that help prevent heart disease and cancer.

– The bad carbs, which have been consumed by Americans in unprecedented quantities (largely in an attempt to avoids fats), are the ones that have resulted in the fattening of America. Bad carbs are refined carbs, the ones where digestion has begun in factories instead of in our stomachs.

The good carbs are the ones humans were designed to consume-the unrefined ones that have contributed to our health since we began eating! Unrefined carbohydrates are found in whole, natural foods, such as whole grains, legumes, rice, and starchy vegetables. They’re also called complex carbohydrates, named for their molecular structure. Besides being packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, good carbs take longer to digest – a good thing.

Refined carbohydrates, on the other hand, are found in packaged, processed foods, such as store-bought baked goods, crackers, pasta, and white bread. Refined carbohydrates are made with white flour and contain little or no fiber. In fact, many products made with white flour are advertised as fortified with vitamins and minerals, because the process of turning grain into white flour strips away its fiber and nutrients. One of our rules is to avoid foods labeled as “fortified.” Current evidence is that fortification with vitamins does not recreate the benefits of the natural vitamins that have been removed.

Despite the fact that good carbs are a critical part of a healthy diet, the typical American diet is filled with the bad kinds. And when we’re overweight as a result of a diet laden with bad carbs, our bodies’ ability to process all carbohydrates goes awry.

Ounce for ounce, these foods provide the same amount of energy as protein, yet have fewer than half the calories of fat. For every gram of carbohydrate or protein you eat, you get about 4 calories of energy, a considerable savings over the 9 calories you get from fats.


1 gram of carbohydrate = approximately 4.5 calories of energy
1 gram of protein = approximately 4 calories of energy
1 gram of fat = approximately 9 calories of energy.

Carbohydrates are the ideal fat-burning foods. Because complex carbohydrates break down slowly into glucose (blood sugar)-a main source of energy-they are like high-octane, clean-burning fuel for your body.

Scientists have many theories about why complex carbohydrates have such a magical effect on our weight. One theory is that fat consumption changes your body chemistry to slow down your metabolism. Another theory is that fatty foods somehow interfere with your body’s ability to use its fat stores for energy.

Still another theory is that when you eat complex carbohydrates, you tend to eat enough calories to provide the energy you need. When you eat fatty foods, on the other hand, you are eating for pleasure, rather than for energy. Eating chocolate cake for no other reason than because it tastes good has nothing to do with hunger or your energy requirements.

Other research by Dr. Michael Levitt at Minneapolis Veterans Administration Hospital has shown that up to one?third of the calories in starchy foods are not absorbed by the human body. He suggests that bacteria in the gut “digest” them and eliminate them as gas.

Doctors from Stanford University School of Medicine found that complex carbohydrates appear to lose up to one quarter of their calories while being digested.

Fat, on the other hand, loses only 3 percent of its calories as it moves through your body (and settles on your waist).


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