Carb Sensitivity Quiz

Carb Sensitivity Quiz

Here’s a short quiz that will show you if you have signs that point to carb sensitivity.

1. Do you work out but see no results or lost inches?

2. When dieting are you usually hungry or starving?

3. Are you overweight, although you don’t eat more than your slimmer friends?

4. Do you often find yourself munching at night or binging?

5. Do you often crave carbohydrates, particularly sweets, breads, pasta, chips, pretzels or popcorn?

6. Do you have or have you had hypoglycemia symptoms or yeast infections?

7. Do you have gas or indigestion or take a lot of anti acids?

8. Have you tried many weight loss diets, only to lose little or no weight?

9. Do you suffer from several of the following: irritability, bouts of fatigue, mood swings, difficulty concentrating or sleeping, anxiety and sadness without definable cause or foggy thinking?

If you answered yes to 5 or more of these questions there is a strong possibility you are Carb sensitive and you might want to consider a Carb Clean-Out Plan.

Additionally, a Carb Clean-Out Plan may be beneficial for you if any of the following conditions apply:

– hypoglycemia
– crohns disease
– wheat allergy
– irritable bowel syndrome

Check with you physician before using Carb Clean-Out Plan if you have liver disease, sluggish liver, colorectal cancer, arteriosclerosis, gall bladder removal, hereditary conditions of iron overload or antacid abuse.

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