Carb Clean-Out Plan

The Carb Clean-Out Plan works! You are guaranteed to FEEL better AND LOSE 6-10 healthy pounds. All you have to do is – Follow the plan and do the steps.

Let’s get started!
The Carb Clean-Out Plan may be beneficial for you if any of the following conditions apply; hypoglycemia, crohns disease, wheat allergy or irritable bowel syndrome.

Check with your physician before using the Carb Clean-Out Plan if you have liver disease, sluggish liver, colorectal cancer, arteriosclerosis, gall bladder removal, hereditary conditions of iron overload or antacid abuse.

Recommended for: Anyone starting to diet, or anyone in another plan of the diet who is experiencing setbacks.

How long it lasts: 21 days, generally.

How much weight you will lose: 6 to 10 pounds.

What you?ll eat: You will eat foods from the Grocery List. Chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts.

What you won?t eat: Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, fruit, cake, cookies, alcohol, beer.

What will happen: You?ll get rid of your cravings for sugars and starches and reduce abdominal fat. Body chemistry will shift in 5-7 days. With stabilized chemistry your body will stop storing fat and start using stored fat as energy. That’s why within only 5-7 days you will start to lose weight- not water weight – body fat.

Certain combinations of foods greatly reduce cravings, keep you satisfied longer, and all but guarantee weight loss. The Carb Clean-Out Plan moves you from unconscious eating habits to conscious control. During this time your eating habits will stabilize enabling you to lose weight at a steady pace.

The Carb Clean-Out Plan is not a typical high protein diet which would contain high-fat protein foods with little or no vegetables. It consists of smart protein choices and all-you-can-eat veggies, plus a small amount of starchy foods. Whether you are a beef lover, vegetarian or somewhere in the middle, this plan is sure to satisfy everyone.

The Carb Clean-Out Plan is designed to clean carbohydrates out of your system, which will balance your blood sugar levels. You need to clean the carbohydrates from your body because they stimulate your pancreas, which releases insulin and can cause your body to store fat.

In contrast, protein causes your pancreas to secrete glucagon, which helps to remove fat from the body’s cells and convert it to energy – you will actually feel more energetic after just a few days on the Carb Clean-Out Plan.

The Carb Clean-Out Plan will quickly reset your insulin – glucagon imbalance. You’ll find that the combinations of foods greatly reduce cravings, keep you satisfied longer, and guarantee weight loss! Once you have followed these eating habits on a conscious level for a few weeks, your cravings will decrease – because you have slowly been adjusting your body chemistry. Your eating habits stabilize, so you’ll be losing weight at a nice steady pace!

Unsure which are proteins and which are carbohydrates? Here’s a quick reference guide:

Proteins: meat. poultry, fish, eggs, low-fat cheese and some dairy products (without sugar added), tofu and legumes.

Complex Carbohydrates: starches like: breads, cereal, pasta, rice, no high sugar vegetables like corn, peas and potatoes.

Fats: butter, margarine, lard, soft cheese, poultry skin, all oils, nuts, seeds, avocados and visible fat on cuts of meat.

Be Conscious: of foods that are a mix: some nuts (e.g.: cashews) are high in fat and protein, nuts in moderation (handful or 2) are great as a snack choice and beans are high in both protein and carbohydrates.

Getting Started – The Very First Day

1. Print the Binding Contract of Commitment with the Person In The Mirror.

2. Print the Checklist and Daily Planner.

3. Print the form Constant Companion.

4. Print the Grocery List

5. Clean Out Your Carbohydrates! Remove all starch foods that tempt you. Choose 2 starches per day from the CARBOHYDRATES – STARCHES list on the Grocery List.

6. Go Shopping! The Grocery List on the following page will help you fill your kitchen with smart proteins, fruits and all the vegetables you can eat. You are not restricted to the items on the lists. These items are just suggestions to get your started.

7. Do Not Skip Meals. When you skip any meal, your body’s metabolism slows down and burns fewer calories. Your blood sugar plummets, causing you to eat 3 times more when you get your hands on food.

8. The Carb Clean-Out Plan is restrictive – by design. You’ll be eating eggs and egg substitutes for breakfast and lots of vegetables, low-fat cheeses, meat, and fish. Refer to the Grocery list for the list of ‘Safe’ Carb Flush foods.

9. Drink Water. A half hour before each meal of the day, and two and a half hours after each meal, drink two glasses of water. It seems to take about a half hour before the physiology in search of water is separated from that of hunger for food. You will feel full and will eat only when food is needed. The volume of food intake will decrease drastically.

The next desirable step is the shedding of already gained fat. Increased water intake by itself will begin to reduce some of the gained weight.


1. Eat 3 small meals a day at approximately the same time each day, with about 4 hours between each meal. Also eat 2 snacks per day at roughly the same time.

2. Do not eat large meals as it makes your blood sugar surge. It is best to eat smaller meals.

3. Remove all tempting carbs that are not on your eating plan. Make it easy on yourself.

4. Schedule fun activities that you enjoy such as walking, swimming, tennis, reading, listening to music, etc.

5. Consume no alcohol during the first 4 to 6 weeks. After that in moderation ie. 2 to 3 times a week.

6. One starch before noon is best.

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