Cancer – How Food Helps

Cancer – How Food Helps

Even if you have some of the risk factors associated with the development of cancer, you can start to tip the odds on your favor by selecting healthful foods. First and foremost, you should reduce dietary fat. Studies show a reduced incidence of cancer among people who eat a diet that is low in fat. Replacing saturated fats with monounsaturated fats such as olive oil can also protect against cancer and other life-threatening conditions; and preliminary research indicates that omega-3 fatty acids may provide protective effects against breast cancer, colon, and prostate cancers by stopping cancer cell growth.

Your Cancer Food Arsenal

For Allium Compounds

– Garlic
– Onion Family

For Anthyocyanins

– Apples
– Berries
– Cherries
– Red Grapes & Wine

For Beta-Carotene

– Apricots
– Carrots
– Sweet Potatoes

For Catechins

– Dark Chocolate
– Green Tea
– Pomegranates

For Flavonoids

– Apples
– Berries
– Broccoli
– Citrus Fruits
– Onion Family

For Folate

– Asparagus
– Beets
– Lentils

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