Blood Sugar Level

Blood Sugar LevelYour body uses a very simple form of sugar called glucose as its basic fuel. During digestion all the carbohydrates you eat are broken doen into glucose. It is carried by the blood throughout your body to be used as energy by the cells as needed. All your cells, particularly those in your brain, require a steady stream of sugar at all times.

When your body has the optimal level of sugar in the blood to supply your cells, you feel good. When your blood sugar os too low, your cells don’t get the sugar they need and they start sending our distress signals. These distress signals are the symptoms of low blood sugar, a condition known as hypoglycemia.

Insulin and the hormone HGH work together to control blood sugar levels.

Optimal Blood Sugar:

Tired when appropriate
Focused and relaxed
Having a good memory
Able to concentrate
Able to solve problem effectively

Low Blood Sugar:

Tired all the time
Tired for no reason
Restless,can’t keep still
Having trouble remembering
Having trouble concentrating
Easily frustrated
More irritable than usual
Getting angry unexpectedly

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